Hotel Regina Paris – A Slice of Heaven in Paris

If you are planning on experiencing the various sites and museums in Paris, also consider getting the best accommodation option you can afford while you are in the city. Aside from its scenic sights and historical landmarks, Paris is also well known for its luxurious hotels that redefine the meaning of comfort and elegance when it comes to first class accommodation. You can always bank on the amenities and services provided by these hotels that are all world class in quality. Some hotels located in the major districts of the city offer the most convenient location in exploring the beauty of the city at the same time savoring the luxurious Parisian living envied by most people.

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One of these hotels that can provide comfort and style for a relaxing stay is the Regina Hotel Paris which guarantees discretion, style, and historical background adding to the classiness of the property. With classic interiors, elegant wood panels, classic chandeliers, and unique stylish flair, this hotel is conveniently located and built on the site of the Armory of the Royal Stables of Louvre.

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