Hotels – A Newlywed’s New Honeymoon Alternative

Wedding expenses can take a toll on newlywed couples since they end up spending a lot prior to the ceremony. This includes the wedding gown of the bride, the groom’s suit, the place where the reception will be held and the food. Because of these expenses, it is hard for these newly married couple to look forward to a luxurious honeymoon afterward. That’s the reason why, according to a report released by Superbreak, newlyweds in the United Kingdom simply spend their honeymoons by checking into hotels.

Now before we get to the findings, here’s a brief backgrounder on Superbreak. This company is an online division of the Superbreak Mini Holidays Limited that specializes in booking weekend holidays and hotel accommodations all around the UK. It carries a wide selection of hotels located around the country, including London. These hotels range from a two-star to a five-star hotel depending on the need of the client.

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