Hotel Amenities – The Quality of the Amenities Equals the Hotel Quality

Luxurious body wash and Shea butter body lotion, 400 count bed linens and plush bath towels. These are just a few of my favorite things; they are also expected at 5 star hotels. What else do you expect if you’ve booked a room in hotel touted as a ‘luxury hotel’ or a ‘5 star resort’? Is rich, brand name coffee a given? What about heavy duty, but appealing to the eye, ice buckets, functional hangers and an up-to-date binder offering a list of hotel services, things to do and other amenities? The truth is these are all items commonly found in hotels, motels and motor lodges, too.

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Does the quality of the hotel determine what hotel amenities you should expect and the quality of those same amenities? For example, if you’re staying at a motel that’s just off the interstate you may not get coffee in your room. You should expect functionality. In other words clean sheets and a clean bedspread in good repair, curtains that provide basic privacy and disposable drinking glasses wrapped in plastic are the hotel supplies you should expect.

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